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“Every new and existing brand wants to amplify their key messages. Amped is aptly named as they do just that. With e1, we've worked with neil and his team to help syndicate content and get more eyeballs on our growing sport. By using clever tactics and localising content, our press office has expanded its global reach. This method offers a turnkey solution to media and means they ultimately receive a better service. What I really like about working with neil is he thinks strategically and has creative ideas. It's not just a matter of execution, but he takes pride in doing the best job possible."

Sam Mallinson, Former Director of Communications, E1 Series

"What most impresses with Amped is how invested they are in the projects on which we have worked with them. They - regularly and willingly - go the extra mile to push success. We have used Amped repeatedly, seeing great results each time and consider them an extended part of the team for future projects."

Matt Dearden, Head of Communications, Laureus

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